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Bollywood actress Madhubala, the most beautiful actress in the world. If you are searching for Madhubala Color Pictures or actress Madhubala colour photo, We have brought rare madhubala color pic, by seeing these color pictures of Madhubala you will fall in love with her.

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Madhubala (original name Mumtaz Jehan Dehlavi) was born on 14 February 1933 in Delhi. She started her film career with the 1942 film Basant. The film was quite successful but despite this she had to work very hard to get recognition. When she got recognition, she never looked back. She appeared in 73 Bollywood films in a career spanning over two decades. Madhubala died at the age of 36 on 23 February 1969. 

Discover a collection of never seen pictures of the actress Madhubala, considered as one of the most beautiful women in the world.

actress madhubala colour photo
Have you ever seen these classic pictures of Madhubala?
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This is a very old picture of Madhubala in colour. In this picture, she looks so stunning.
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Madhubala has been one of the top actresses of Bollywood. She is still remembered for her most memorable character Anarkali. Although she has played many memorable characters in her career. Her beauty and comparison with Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe eventually earned her the titles The Venus of Indian Cinema and Marilyn Monroe of Bollywood. Coincidentally, both were 36 when they passed away.

madhubala closeup pictures
Madhubala so pretty - Her most beautiful closeup pictures (high quality pics HD)

madhubala old photoshoot color pic, magazine photos
Looking at this picture, it seems that it is an old photoshoot by Madhubala for a magazine.

madhubala coloured images

madhubala closeup face hd

madhubala coloured images, new stills

madhubala old photos

Check out some unseen pictures of Bollywood's Evergreen actress Madhubala and learn some interesting things related to her life.
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Seeing the beauty and popularity of Madhubala, Oscar Award Winner director Frank Kapra had made up his mind to give Madhubala a break in Hollywood but she refused.

beautiful old bollywood actress color pic

madhubala hot photos
Madhubala is quite glamorous in this picture. Especially her eye makeup is quite attractive.
madhubala colour photo hd
Beautiful Rare Photos of Madhubala
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most beautiful girl in the world photos

Madhubala, who ruled millions of hearts, had a hole in her heart since birth and according to doctors, she needed a lot of rest in that disease but Madhubala had to work for the compulsions of the house. 

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Apart from this, She had another serious disease in which blood started to form in his body more than the required amount and this blood used to come out of his nose and mouth. Madhubala was so besieged by her illnesses that she remained in bed for nine years. She spent the last nine years of her life alone.

madhubala last photo, madhubala death images
On 23 February 1969, at the age of 36 due to heart disease, this very beautiful actress of Hindi films said goodbye to the world.
madhubala colour photo

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  1. Great effort put in ..... enchantress... she vanished in eternity.... so early in life... Alas... my heart pained when heard about her....

    1. Same here 😞 dude she was literally Venus of the industry and diamond of India

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