Try These Tricks To Charge Your Phone Battery Quickly

The smartphone has now become an integral part of the lives of people. Because of this increasing addiction of the phone, everyone can be seen busy most of their phones. But to work on the phone all day it is very important to be charged. However PowerBank is present as an alternative to charging the phone. But with the problem of spoiling the battery, there is also a risk of virus coming.

phone battery, charging phone

The best way to save battery is to charge the battery when it is finished and remove the charger only after charging the phone completely. With this we tell you some easy ways that you can charge the phone fast:

Use the right charger
Charge the phone from the original charger with the phone.

Switch off the phone & Charge
If you do not want to use the phone, switch off the smartphone is the best option. This will charge your phone in a few minutes.

Use Airoplane Mode
Put the phone in airplane mode while charging. In this mode, no wireless radios will come in your phone, i.e. the internet, calls and messages will stop. This will charge your phone a lot of speed.

Off some features
When charging, turn off such features which consume battery, such as WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and NFC etc.

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